Restoration of Monuments of Culture

Our company Leon Konstruksion has begIn its road to Restoring Monuments of Culture in 2007, in 2008 it was equipped with a Resurfacing License from the Ministry of Culture.

We are the expert in the field of Restoration, experience and qualified staff in this field best testifies this fact. Restoration of the Bazaar of Kruja, Bazaar of Korça, Bazaar of Gjirokastra keep the name of our company. We have worked with professionalism, dedication by restoring any stone, wall and element of the building with the auticity that only such buildings can have, but with the quality that only our company can draw.

Our company continues to invest and train its staff in the field of restoration, as people are the most valuable asset of our company.

Our Project:

  • “Gjon Mili” Photographic Museum reconstruction, Korce
  • Permet Congress
  • Old Bazaar restoration, Gjirokaster
  • Reconstruction of perimeter wall between towers 1 and 2, Berat
  • “Margarita Tutulani” Cultural Center roof reconstruction,Berat
  • Mechanical and Electrical Works at the former headquarters of the State Security Administration – The Glaze Museum
  • Old bazar restoration, Korca
  • Restoration of Lushnja Congress House
  • Old bazar restoration Kruje
  • Fasade restoration of former prefecture building, Vlore


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Adress: Tish Dahia Road, Kika Residential Complex, Palace nr 9, 8 floor, Tirane, Albania